Financial Assistance

Charity Care

The Rehabilitation Hospital of Montana operates a 34 bed Inpatient Rehab Facility in partnership with Billings Clinic, St Vincent Healthcare and Lifepoint Rehabilitation. When someone in need of healthcare cannot pay for services in one of our hospitals, we offer financial assistance. Individuals in need of emergency care will not be denied treatment of care if they do not have insurance or unable to pay.

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List of Standard Charges

A link to a list of the pricing information about the items and services we provide is available below. This list represents gross charges for individual services and base rates negotiated with individual insurance providers and does not reflect personalized estimates of hospital charges that may be applicable to a specific case nor is it indicative of a patient’s out-of-pocket cost. In addition, several factors may affect pricing, including, but not limited to the time of selection, additional expenses such as laboratory or professional fees, and additional services that depend on an individual’s specific health condition. The information is not intended to be legal, health, medical or professional advice but merely conveys general information.